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Hearing loss can have a huge impact on your day to day life. If you have noticed a change to your hearing, visit our audiologist for a free hearing test.

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Have you noticed that you have not been able to hear as clearly as you used to? Hearing loss can impact us at any age, and can make us feel less like socialising – if you can’t catch what is being said, it’s difficult to feel part of the conversation. But you should not let that hold you back – come in for a free hearing test and Wendy Diddams to explore your hearing care options.

Based on the corner of Minshull Street, we are proud to be part of an unexpectedly bustling environment filled with retail outlets, restaurants and bars. Just 250 metres from a convenient car park, Wendy Diddams is easy to access and boasts 25 years experience. We are professional, empathetic and patient. No matter whether you require advice on hearing protection or to know more about tinnitus management, we can help you.

Our on-site hearing care professional, David Holden, qualified in 1996 and has a passion for audiology. He always strives to provide his patients with the best advice and, with 25 years of valuable experience, he is a real expert in his field. He can also provide home visits for those who cannot get to the practice.


We understand how important your hearing is to you. We take the time to fully assess your hearing requirements to personalise every solution.


Our trained audiologist offers a wide range of ear care treatments, from wax removal to advice on the best hearing aid technology.

  • Hearing Assessments

  • Wax Removal

  • Hearing Devices

  • Tinnitus Managment

  • Live Demonstrations

  • 4 Year After Care Service

  • Repair and Servicing

  • Home Visits

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As well as offering free hearing tests, you can enjoy the best of your hearing with a full range of ongoing support. 

Our thorough hearing tests assess every detail of your hearing for your peace of mind. If a hearing device is required, we will explain the options available to you along with some live demonstrations to help you make the best choice for your requirements and lifestyle.

Whenever you or your devices need help, we will keep you connected with our 4 year aftercare service. 


Booking a free hearing test is an essential step in taking care of your hearing. If you require hearing aids, we can help by providing you with an excellent selection of invisible and rechargeable models, with an up to five-year warranty. Our repair and servicing option means you never have to worry about your hearing aids breaking down.

Wendy Diddams also provides hearing aid batteries, and your visit comes with a lifetime aftercare service so you can feel well taken care of for as long as you need.


If you are concerned about your hearing, a reduction in your hearing could be as simple as a build up of ear wax. When you have your hearing test, your audiologist will be able to tell whether you would benefit from our ear wax removal service. If so, it can easily be carried out on-site. You could be enjoying clearer hearing quickly and easily.


Christina Clack



After completing a BSc in Audiology in 2010, Christina went on to work as an Audiologist in the NHS before deciding to move into private practice. Experience working with a world-leading hearing aid manufacturer, developed her knowledge and technical skills, which are now usefully applied to selecting the optimum hearing aid settings for each individual patient. She feels passionately about helping people to understand their hearing health and utilising technology to improve their quality of life.


Outside of work Christina’s favourite thing to do is spend time with family. She also enjoys a game of tennis, playing the piano and going to the gym every now and then!

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Don’t struggle unnecessarily. Visit our Knutsford audiology clinic today for complimentary advice on how to get the most from your hearing, or we can arrange for you to be seen in the comfort of your own home. 

Request a complimentary hearing test

Thank you. Our Audiologist will be in touch to arrange your appointment.

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